Badrum Stockholm




Roma III floor-mounted monolith unit with smooth Bianco Carrara marble washbasin, Grafite marble bottom with irregular milling. Roma Bianco Carrara marble bathtub, Grafite marble plinth with irregular milling. Roma black painted towel holder. Roma free-standing mirror series with black painted profile and door with fitted lights.



Horizon built-in top made of Calacatta Gold marble. Open units with Ambra finish lacquered aluminium frame and Canaletto Noce strips. Canaletto Noce base units, two drawers with finger joint system. Ekos H Plus mirror, three-sided interior LED lighting, Ambra finish lacquered aluminium profile and lower shelf. Ljos shelves in Ambra finish lacquered aluminium, complete with accessories and LED backlight. Senna matt ceramic sanitary ware. Flow taps in brushed stainless steel, with traditional cartridge.



A solution that reinterprets the aesthetics of the Japanese bathtub, a size with a highly evocative charm whose main source of inspiration is nature. The sides of the washbasins and the bathtub, like a drop of water falling down, evolve from the circularity of the top to the square bases. While the supporting surfaces of the bathtub recall pebble polished by water, the stools are essential volumes like the rocks of a zen garden. Fluid shapes that only appear to be simple and are always modern, as they draw inspiration from a timeless language.



A compact volume, a perfect rectangle, as rigorous in its geometry as it is expressive in its form. A function unit that forces its aesthetic presence upon the space surrounding it. Purity, mystery, and perfection in a confined space: this may be a short description of Touch, a washbasin unit made of oak barrels that reproduces the functional aesthetics of the solid wood monolith, in which razor thin incisions highlight the shape of the drawers, tracing a perimeter in its unique “bark” that is truly one-of-a-kind.