In our home, the kitchen is both a functional machine and a meeting place where much of our social life plays out. A kitchen is also a considerable investment and should last a long time and that is why it is important that you get the right guidance when you are making the decision. From creating the proper layout to choosing the right finish on handles and surfaces, we can help you.

Boffi is an Italian family company founded by Piero Boffi in 1934. The company have developed its collection with art direction from architects like Antonio Citterio and Piero Lissoni and collaborations with designers such as Patricia Urquiola. Its products have won several international design awards and, for its excellence, been exhibited at MoMA in New York.

This german family company, famous for their high quality, was founded in 1949. Bulthaups attention to details and technical solutions, have over the years created new typologies in the kitchen segment such as highly innovative kitchen islands and accessories.


Founded in the heart of Paris in 1908 by Albert Dupuy, this French company premiered the worlds first convection oven. The oven became a reality at the same time as gas lines found its way into peoples homes. The kitchens from La Cournue are an embodiment of the French culinary tradition.